Wine Bottle Opening Kit

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WINE, because it's not good to keep things bottled up! 😉


Luxury wine opener accessories gift tools set with waiters corkscrew opener 5 piece wine bottle opening kit

Product Description

This 5-piece wine tool kit has all the wine tools you need to start a party! Includes corkscrew opener, leaf cutter, wine stopper, drip ring and wine pourer. This is a must have set to better enjoy your wine!

Stay organized and easy to store-with all the tools needed to open any wine bottle, our 5-piece wine opener set is organized and easy to store. The bottle-shaped box of the novelty is equipped with magnets, so you can easily open and close the case effortlessly.

Quality drip-ring construction, pourer and stopper are made with high quality stainless steel; the corkscrew opener is reinforced with aluminum alloy and our original handle for an ergonomic grip so you can easily open any wine bottle.

The perfect gift-set of 5-piece wine opener comes in a beautiful and elegant bottle shape so it is a perfect gift item for family and friends, special occasions and events. Great for wine lovers, it will look great on any kitchen counter top or stored in a wine rack